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This Rites of Passage program is conducted during the summer months between the first week in June through the middle of August, providing eight (8) one-week of intense growth and loads of adventure to the participants. Check calendar for date.

The program offers a Beacon of Hope to adolescents, enhancing their self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence and desire to succeed, by exposing them to their true potential.  This is accomplished through an intense but gentle boot camp approach. Our Rites of passage program’s main goal is for students to return to their lives with a new attitude of respect towards self, school, peers, parents, and the environment in which they live.  The girls' camp encourages participants to open up and share information and experiences, and develop lasting support network from within the group.  Discipline is an intricate part of this program, and girls will be given tasks as consequence for violation of any camp rules. Participants are subject to be sent home in case of insubordination and defiant behavior during the program.





Adequate supervision of 10 students per adult, at all times during the duration of the program.  Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding supervision.

Camp Sites

Program sites are chosen from among some of the most pristine locations in proximity of no more than 500 miles from Los Angeles in California or Broward County in Florida.  Contact us for more information about camp location(s).


Besides the numerous excellent workshops facilitated by highly experienced professionals; this program will provide outings and physical activities to balance the experience with some fun.  These activities may include experiences such as theme park visit, county fairs, nature trips, and other exciting outings. 


Volunteers and other adult workers will be fingerprinted before working with minors.  Most volunteers are recruited from high schools and colleges. Click here to visit the volunteer page.

Study skills

Participants will be given instructions on developing the study skills necessary to promote success in school, as they aim to fulfill their dreams, whether they plan to go to college or attend a vocational school. Some s skills are setting goals, managing time for success, and so on.

Career Development

Participants will be complete a test in order to determine a career that is best suited to them during a workshop, where they will also receive information on various types of jobs and guidance on achieving the one of their choice.  How to dress for an interview, how to finesse interviews, handshakes, greetings, using titles, responding to introductions and introducing others, non-verbal communication, etc.

Decision-Making and Relationship Skills

Becoming a responsible decision-maker is taught through case studies.  Participants will learn a six-step program what will help them to make healthy decisions.  These steps will not always work out, but they will improve chances of making better decisions.  This section looks at hidden messages in advertisements, building bridges and friendships, standing up to peer pressure, self-esteem, etc.


When participants leave, they will know the what’s, when’s, how’s and where’s about etiquette, adding poise, and presence for personal and professional success.  They will learn etiquette of dining, grooming, and the etiquette of public places, walking, body language, and daily behaviors. 


Participants will explore dressing for all occasions for personal and professional success.  How to dress for an interview, how to dress appropriately in social places,  


Sophisticated table manners is becoming more and more important as young adults proceed into the collegiate, business, and extremely socially competitive world.  This skill can determine which doors will open for many young people, and which doors will remain closed to them.

Support Network (Monitored for one year)

A support network will be developed during the course of the week, with the establishment of a buddy system among participants, who will be encouraged to keep in touch and call their buddies when they begin to feel stress after they leave the program.

Depression Workshop

We live in stressful society.  Partcipants will learn how to recognize depression, and pinpointing the cause(s) of stress. Tools are taught to successfully learn how not to procrastinate, to avoid escaping, talking to family member or friend about what they are going through, asking for help when they need it, etc..


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