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Kaya Retreats Programs are funded primarily by fund-raising activities, as well as public and private sponsors.  Revenue from the Healing Retreat and Women Retreat is channeled  into the Rites of Passage program for scholarships. Feel free to contact us for further information about  Sponsorship Opportunities.

There is a critical need for intervention programs for at-risk young girls in our society.  Statistics indicate a high drop out rate from high school, and most of this is linked to a history of delinquency and/or other situations.  The primary target of the Rites of Passage program is at-risk girls ages 12 through 16, who are at risk of dropping out of high school, and falling through the cracks.   As a high school teacher, the founder of this organization recognized the need for intervention facilitate improvement of this enormous problem among high school students. 

Many prospective participants of the Rites of Passage program will require assistance to fund a week of comprehensive training, nurturing, and transformation.  The program is asking individuals and organizations to sponsor one or more girl to attend this life-saving summer program.  Funders are encouraged to give whatever they are able to the program, even if they are not able to sponsor one or more participants.

Kaya Retreats conduct other fundraising activities including but not limited to:

Bake Sale
Car Wash
Kaya African Market
Holistic Resource Center
Affiliates Program


Donation Options

Kaya Retreats is an organization designed to help build community.  Sponsors are invited from the public and/or private sector of the community.  Sponsoring one  girl and enabling her to attend this rites of passage (Girls One-Week Summer Camp) program, is saving a life, simultaneously with making an important contribution to a better society.  Sponsors are asked to donate equivalent to the cost of one week at the summer camp program. However, we thank you for any donation you can make to this program.  For a brochure or for further information about this sponsorship program, contact us by clicking here.







Kaya Retreats
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