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The Healing Retreat program helps participants to awaken natural inherent healing powers. You have the power to heal any type of dis-ease your body experiences. This program includesworkshops to help participants cope with life-threatening illness such as cancer, depression, relationships, family related stressful conditions, or anything that renders the body dis-eased.  Participants are guided through self-help techniques proven to promote wellness of body, mind and spirit to optimize overall health.

Most healing retreat program includes workshops that provide education and training on natural healing methods, such as: Breathing, Meditation, Nutrition,  Yoga, Tai Chi, and other martial arts techniques including quigong, pagua, and Tai Chi. Visit our Holistic Resource Center for more on the holistic approach to healing.  Check out our upcoming events.

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 Hypnotictapes provide a holistic approach to synergistically
address your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

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